EBF Focus

EBF 4th YSS:

The BioA Brain: Embracing new ideas
Het Pand
Culture and congress centre of Ghent University
15-16 March 2018, Ghent, Belgium



Thursday 15 March 2018
15:00   Registration desk opens
16:00 18:30 YSS Science Café – How do you like it cooked? Rare or Well done

Round table discussion on the future challenges of the young bioanalysts.

The YSS Organizing Committee will moderate a discussion on how to optimize bioanalytical processes and workflows in a world of increased regulations, increased budget pressures, portfolio changes and technology developments.

More info to follow in upcoming communications from the YSS

18:30 20:00 YSS Science Café summary Complementary reception (incl. dinner buffet)
Friday 16 March 2018
07:30   Registration desk opens
08:30 08:35 Welcome and Introduction
08:35 09:00 Feedback from the Science Café
09:00 10:30 Session 1:  Alternative sampling having an impact
09:00 09:05 Sofie Velghe (University of Ghent)
Introduction to the session
09:05 09:20 Sofie Velghe (University of Ghent)
Volumetric absorptive microsampling as an alternative tool for therapeutic drug monitoring of first-generation anti-epileptic drugs.
09:20 09:35 Michele Protti (University of Bologna)
Enhanced stability and detection window of large and small molecules prohibited in sports by urine microsampling
09:35 09:50 Bas Sleumer (PRA Health Sciences)
Orexin 2: M16 and M12 – the bold and the beautiful! – Determination of a drug and metabolite M16 and M12 in rat plasma using capillary micro sampling and LC-MS/MS
09:50 10:05 Lisa Delahaye (University of Ghent)
Volumetric absorptive microsampling for the combined determination of paracetamol and its cysteine adduct
10:05 10:20 Neus Fabregat Cabello (University of Liège)
Dealing with small sample volumes and analyte levels: the case of vitamin D metabolites in aqueous humor
10:20 10:40 Poster pitch (2-minute poster pitch for posters entering the 2018 YSS Best Poster competition – participation is voluntary for each poster submission)
10:40 11:30 Coffee break and Poster Viewing
11:30 12:30 Session 2:  Overcoming Bioanalytical issues
11:30 11:45 Natalie Corden (LGC)
The Development of a 7 Analyte Method for Measuring Heroin Metabolites in Human Urine by LC-MS/MS
11:45 12:00 Snezhana Traykova (Comac Medical Ltd)
Overcoming extraction challenges of a bisphosphonate drug from human plasma utilizing an LLE with phase separation approach
12:00 12:15 Toon Babylon (UCB Biopharma)
Bridging a classic serum PK assay to Cerebrospinal Fluid: challenges in using surrogate matrices and semi-automation during assay development and validation
12:15 12:30 Barbara Marsiglia (Envigo)
Development of a LC-MS/MS bioanalytical method for the quantitation of fragrances in plasma: challenges and troubleshooting in view of validation
12:30 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 14:30 Session 3: MMM – Matrices, Molecules and Methods/part 1
13:30 13:45 Jörg Faber (A&M Labor GmbH)
Best practices for the bioanalysis of endogenous substances
13:45 14:00 Nanda Gruben (PRA Health Sciences)
Validation of an ultrasensitive Single Molecule Counting Immunoassay for determination of pharmacokinetics in a regulated environment
14:00 14:15 Estelle Cochet (Novimmune SA)
Validation of Biomarker Assays in Disease Populations: Case Study of an Inflammatory Cytokine Immunoassay in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
14:15 14:30 Nikunj Tanna (Waters Corporation)
Applying small molecule workflows to large molecule assays – Quantification of IGF-I from biological matrices using LC-MS.
14:30 15:00 Tea break and announcement 2018 YSS Best Poster Prize
15:00 16:00 Session 4: MMM – Matrices, Molecules and Methods/part 2
15:00 15:15 Serge Desmoulins (Agilent Technologies)
Drug-to-Antibody Ratio Determination for Antibody-Drug Conjugates in Serum Enbaled by a Sample Preparation Platform that Automates Affinity Purification and Deglycosylation
15:15 15:30 Dan Baker (University of Hertfordshire)
Solid Phase MicroExtraction (SPME): towards in vivo sampling of tissues and organs
15:30 15:45 Maria Jadhav (Novartis AG)
Balancing neutralizing antibodies assay sensitivity and drug tolerance in the cell-based systems
15:45 16:00 Sandy Rigot (UCB Biopharma)
Hybrid immunocapture-LC-MS/MS as a powerful and challenging tool to overcome selectivity issues
16:00 16:10 Closing Remarks and Adjourn