EBF Focus

EBF 4th YSS:

The BioA Brain: Embracing new ideas
Het Pand
Culture and congress centre of Ghent University
15-16 March 2018, Ghent, Belgium


General information on the EBF can be found on http://www.e-b-f.eu/


The fourth annual Young Scientist Symposium will focus around the theme of The BioA Brain: Embracing New Ideas, encompassing topics such as the implementation of new technologies and overcoming the challenges of working with novel therapeutics. We plan to build the meeting around following themes

1. Automation
Challenges and solutions of implementing automation into bioanalytical procedures

2. Large/ small molecule cross over
Techniques for analysing both large and small molecules, such as Quantitation by LC-HRMS, Comparison of LC/MS and traditional LBA, LBA for small molecule immunogenicity

3. Increasing efficiencies
Increasing productivity in day to day analysis, such as standardising assay methods to work across multiple drug products, implementing more efficient techniques.

4. Overcoming bioanalytical issues
How have you successfully overcome problems in analysis?  E.g. achieving assay standards set out in regulatory guidelines, alternative techniques to overcome assay issues, Data interpretation, Overcoming limited sample volumes

5. Contending with new molecules and methods
Such as; ADCs, Nano-bodies, Tand-Antibodies, Neutralising Antibodies

The symposium is open for early career bioanalytical scientists (our target audience is typically < 35 or <5 years in bioanalysis) from industry (Pharma/CROs) or academia